OptoSort® series APOLLO

Sorting Machines for User-Defined Sorting of Recycling Products

OptoSort® offers a robust, free-fall sorting plant for the separation of mineral construction and demolition waste, as well as for the removal of impurities (gypsum, bitumen, tar, plastics, etc.). By coupling hyperspectral near-infrared technology with colour detection and holistic detection of all particle surfaces, current and future material flows are to be detected and sorted with a high recovery rate in order to establish closed material cycles in the construction industry. With a stationary free-fall sorting system, up to 21 tons of construction waste per hour can be sorted.

Sorting Machines for User-Defined Sorting of Mining Products

The sorting technology from OptoSort works across various efficient levels and is suitable for grain sizes from 8-250mm. Depending on the requirements, the bulk material is fed to the sorting device via a vibrating chute and slide. The assignment of the sorting material takes place on the vibrating unit where the material is distributed into a monolayer and accelerated through a slide. In freefall, it is scanned, analysed and discharged through individually controllable nozzles. The separate product stream must be transported away after sorting.