OptoSort® series APOLLO

Sorting Machines for user-defined Sorting of Recycling Products

With the development of a robust free-fall sorting plant for the separation of mineral construction and demolition waste, as well as the removal of impurities (gypsum, bitumen, tar, plastics, etc.), OptoSort® is able to cover the high demand for an efficient sorting technology in the recycling industry. In contrast to competitors, the sorting with an OptoSort® plant takes place in free fall. A specific configuration allows the coupling of several sensors, such as NIR and colour.

By coupling hyperspectral near-infrared technology with colour detection and holistic detection of all particle surfaces, current and future material flows are to be detected and sorted with a high recovery rate in order to establish closed material cycles in the construction industry.

Functionalities of a robust free-fall sorting system for stationary use

  • Detection of dry, as well as most moist particles

  • Detection of all particle surfaces

  • Safe ejection of the detected contaminents

  • Robust and low wear against abrasion due to minimal particles

  • Flexible, also suitable for mobile operation

  • For particles between 10-100 mm

  • Low maintenance and automatic white calibration in continous operation

  • Low energy consumption , targeted control of particles by means of compressed air pulse

  • Integration in local network (WLAN) or remote

A Pionieering Recyling System

In the field of sorting systems for mixed mineral construction and demolition waste, there are currently no suitable systems worldwide. The belt sorters available up to now deliver poor quality, as only one side of the particle is scanned and thus, contamination/stickiness (e.g. gypsum) cannot be detected. With its robust free-fall sorting plant, OptoSort® has developed a pioneering recyling system and is therefore able to cover the recyling industry's high demand for an efficient recycling system. The free-fall sorter can also be used in other branches of industry, such as the plastic, glass, and gravel industry.

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